… is the professional outlet for David F Miller: a designer, photographer, and software & product developer with ~20 years of experience across multiple domains. Dave has worked on teams ranging in size from 1 to ~15 people across various disciplines, including…

  • software, firmware, & hardware engineers,
  • UX & graphic designers,
  • project/product managers, and
  • sales/marketing

… on a wide variety of projects:

  • front-end, back-end, & full-stack development on sites that serve millions of pageviews per day;
  • designing and developing native iOS & macOS applications;
  • art-directing and shooting wedding, portait, sports, corporate headshots & marketing materials, and product photography;
  • writing and editing technical content targeted to software developers, photographers, & athletes; and
  • graphic, identity, & apparel design for clients.

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Current (& recent) clients include…

… my personal projects are:

… my photography has been published by:

… and I contribute to the following open-source projects:

Please reach out if you would like to collaborate.